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  • How do I open a personal, joint name, corporate account?
  • You can open a live account on the "Register New Account" page and open a live account directly through online application. To apply for a live account online, you need to read all the contents of the service terms at the bottom. And tick “read” and then click “create account”, go to the next page, fill in the personal information, upload the personal identification document and the scanned copy of the proof of address or PDF file, After the audit,and your live account can be successfully opened.

  • What related documents do you need to submit to open a live account?
  • To comply strictly with the International Anti-Money Laundering Law, all customers are required to submit the following personal identification documents:

    1. Identification

        Certificate of passport during validity or ID card within the validity period (text content and photos must be fully legible)

    2.Proof of address

       Driver's license/Bank Statement /  Utilities Bill and upload photos.

       published on your behalf and must include your address issued within three months prior to the date of submission of the


    We reserve the right to request additional information and instructions at any time.

    We are committed to providing a safe trading experience, we will verify all account personal information.

    All accounts opened through our system will receive strict security support and protection.

  • What is the minimum transaction volume for a live account?
  • The minimum transaction volume is 0.01 lots of the standard contract, or 1,000 units equivalent to the base currency.

  • I'd like someone to trade on my behalf. Can I appoint someone to trade for me?
  • Yes, you can give authority to another person to trade from your account on your behalf (a limited power of attorney). Please contact our Client Management team who will be able to assist you with setting this up.

  • I'd like to close my account. How can I do this?
  • Please contact customer service or send a letter to the customer service mailbox cs@fairlane.online to inform the account closure requirements. If you need to transfer any funds in your account and provide complete contact information and your bank account information, we will have someone to contact you.

  • Do I need to pay an annual fee for my live account?
  • FairLane provides the most fair trading environment for our clients, and the best service. A live trading account is not required to pay any annual fee.

  • How can I reset my password?
  • You can reset the member password in "Personal Information" on the member page.

  • What should I do if I have a query relating to my account?
  • If you have any queries relating to your trading account, please contact customer service or send a letter to the customer service mailbox cs@fairlane.online, we will have someone to contact you.

  • How can I change my email address?
  • To amend your registered email address, please contact customer service or send a letter to the customer service mailbox cs@fairlane.online, In order to make the change we may ask you to confirm other personal details we hold for you on our records.

  • Do you offer a demo account?
  • You can open a demo account on the "Open Account" page and open a demo account directly through online application. we offer a free demo account containing virtual funds. This allows you to try out our platform in a risk-free environment and practise trading strategies and techniques.

  • Will my demo account expire?
  • Yes, you can use the free $100,000 demo account to practice your trading skills. The demo account is only valid for 21 days.

  • Which currency can we use to trade?
  • We accept USD as the base currency of the account, the exchange rate of the profit and loss settlement will be calculated at the real-time exchange rate when the transaction is completed.

  • Do I need to deposit any funds to activate my account?
  • No, you can log in to your account immediately after you receive the notification that the membership account application is successful and the verification of the uploaded documents on the membership page is completed. If you want to test trading strategies in a risk-free environment, our free demo account allows you to practice trading with virtual funds.

  • How do I fund my account?
  • Please contact customer service or send a letter to the customer service mailbox service@fairlanecenter.com,We will have someone contact you and will provide you with deposit information.

  • Why do I need to set up bank details?
  • You only need to set up bank details if you intend to transfer funds to your bank account.As we are not permitted to make any third-party payments to clients, we may ask that you provide us with some form of documentation to ensure ownership of the bank account you wish to register matches the records held on our database.

  • How can I withdraw funds from my account?
  • Please log in to the member area to apply for the withdrawal .After providing complete bank account information, you will be entered into the withdrawal process.

  • How long can the withdrawal process be completed?
  • All withdrawal requests will be processed within one business day. The time it takes for the recipient to receive the remittance depends on the withdrawal method used. The following is usually the time required to receive the payment.

    Bank Transfer
    Time to draft money: 3 – 5 Business days
    The above schedule is estimated based on the time required for most of the past remittances. If the bank conducts further investigations or other funding issues, it may result in delay. If you encounter a delay, please write to service@fairlanecenter.com and we will assist in the investigation.
  • Can the MT4 trading platform be used on mobile devices?
  • The MetaTrader4 app supports major mobile device operating systems, including iOS and Android.

  • What are the advantages of using the MT4 trading platform? Does FairLane offer other trading platforms?
  • FairLane offers the MT4 trading platform. The MT4 trading platform is designed and developed by MetaQuotes, which is concise, highly flexible and customizable, and is well known as using Expert Advisors (EA).

    .Multilingual interface
    .Minimum CPU system requirements
    .Real-time market dynamics analysis
    .Multiple technical pointers and specific linear studies
    .Reverse testing by historical database
    .Using Expert Advisors (EAs)
    .Use Hedging Strategy
    .Detailed User Guide
    .Trading Status Alert and Email Support
  • My trailing stop loss is not executed, what is the reason?
  • A trailing stop is a long or short trade order that sets a certain percentage below or above the market price. Unlike stop orders and take orders, trailing stops are set by the customer and are at the customer site to perform the end operation. Therefore, if the client terminal is offline or not connected, such a transaction order will not be executed.

  • Can I access the platform when I go abroad?
  • Yes, you should be able to access the platform and mobile apps when travelling abroad, providing you have sufficient network connection or are connected to Wi-Fi.

  • My platform is running slowly, what can I do about this?
  • For optimum platform performance, you will need to ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection. If you find that the platform is not running as quickly as it normally does, we would suggest that you clear your browser’s cache and restart the browser session. Reducing the number of technicals on any charts open on your platform may also improve this issue.

    If you experience similar problems with our mobile platform, please force close the app on your phone and restart it. If you continue to experience problems you may need to upgrade to the latest version of our app.
  • When slippage occurs?
  • Slippage is the difference between the expected transaction price and the actual transaction price. This usually occurs when there is insufficient market liquidity and the market gap caused by important news such as political news or economic data is released and cause slippage occurs. Your trade order will be traded at the best available market price quoted by our liquidity provider.

  • What happens when the market gaps?
  • Market gaps represent the volatility of the transaction price. The market loses a stable trading mechanism in the short term, and the liquidity is not quoted. However, the top liquidity supplier linked by FairLane will be able to place your order, providing the fastest and best deal price on the market.

  • I should trade when news or important data is released?
  • When major news or data is released, banks become more cautious and therefore no longer provide sufficient liquidity, so the market tends to ease the spread of multiple trading commodities. We recommend traders not trade at the period of critical news or data is launched. To avoid market gaps occur is because trading at the time of news publication may affect your trading strategy.

  • I’ve calculated my profit and loss but it doesn’t seem to add up? What should I do?
  • Please make sure you have taken into account any additional costs, such as overnight holding costs, the premium for guaranteed stop-loss orders, or commissions on share CFD trades. Profit and loss on CFD trading accounts is calculated in the currency where the product is domiciled and then converted into your account currency.

  • How to limit risks when trading?
  • The risk cannot be completely eliminated. In order to minimize your losses, you can consider using stop loss, so that the transaction will be closed before the loss exceeds a certain value. (Please note that stop loss cannot be guaranteed). Please also note that when trading CFDs, the higher the optional financing rate used for the transaction, the higher the risk.