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Here at FairLane, we invest heavily in our clients. We believe that the more trading benefits we offer you, the better. We do this to enhance your trading experience so that it is enjoyable and profitable.FairLane will equip you with all the necessary tools and trading resources you need to start trading. The moment you register at FairLane , you will be privy to a myriad of trading benefits.

See the table below for details of the benefits we offer our traders:

Benefit Silver Gold Platinum FairLane Select
Educational Trading Webinar
Online Courses
Free Video Tutorial
Free Ebooks
Margin protection
Senior Account Analyst Earmarked
Withdraw 2-3 Days 2-3 Days 2-3 Days 1-2 Days
Free withdrawals
Live Market News
Access to Blog and Market News
Mobile trading
Minimum Amount to Deposit 100 USD 1000 USD 10000 USD 100000 USD
Market Analysis by Autochartist -
Daily Signals by Autochartist -
Direct Dealing Room - -
Flexible Trading Conditions - - -
Special Rewards - - -

Enjoy a broad variety of trading benefits the minute you register to Fair Lane. The table below gives you the details.