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Floating Spread Account – MetaTrader 4/h2>

Trade the forex market with spreads as low as 0.9 pips with our MT4 floating spread account. Floating spreads – also known as variable spreads – are based on the lowest interbank market prices available at the moment you place your order.

The Advantage of Floating Spreads

When you trade using our floating spread account the gap between the Bid and Ask is constantly updated in real time according to the best quotes available from our liquidity partners – some of the biggest banks in the world. That’s why we’re able to offer spreads as low as 0.9 pips.

Fair Lane’s variable spreads are among the most competitive of any internet broker. The table below shows what kind of spreads to expect on some of the most popular currency pairs.

EUR/USD 0.7 1.5
USD/JPY 0.7 1.6
GBP/USD 1.3 2
USD/CHF 1.6 2.1
AUD/USD 1.6 2.2
EUR/GBP 1.7 2.2
USD/CAD 1.5 2.5
EUR/CHF 2.1 2.7
EUR/JPY 1.6 2.5

Variable spreads – The professional choice

Professional traders use floating spreads because it ensures that you always get the lowest spread available at the moment you place your trade. It also affords you a better feel for the character of the market and the liquidity available at any given time – giving you an extra dimension to your analysis of market conditions and allowing more informed trading decisions.

With an Fair Lane floating spread account you get a professional trading environment – dynamic low spreads, powerful software and reliable execution.

Feel closer to the market and trade more than 200 forex pairs and CFDs at low spreads using the feature-rich MetaTrader 4 software.

MetaTrader 4

Fair Lane offers floating spread trading through the industry’s most popular software platform, MetaTrader 4:

  • Trade FX, commodities, stock indices, equities & bonds on a single screen
  • Displays best up-to-the-second Bid/Ask quotes
  • Analyse multiple customisable charts using powerful tools
  • Place orders, set stops and limits & track all your open and pending trades
  • Automate your trading with MQL5 and EA compatibility

Why FairLane?

FairLaneAvaTrade is a pioneering brokerage in online trading, offering more than 200 instruments to trade instantly, whenever the financial markets are open. Since it was established in 2015 it has attracted more than 20,000 registered clients.

If you have any questions regarding opening a floating spread account, or online trading in general, please speak to a member of our customer service team.